About Us

Our Group

Wards of Lore is more than just a super group or guild. It’s a collection of friends who, despite the distance between them, can come together to play a game. In addition to the Wards group, there are several other super groups coalitioned, including Ouroboros Alpha, Cooties of the Apocalypse, and the infamous Not Your Base.

Our Story

Before City of Heroes was shut down, we had already been playing numerous other MMOs. Though none of them would fill the niche CoH did, many good things came from there. One was the name “Wards of Lore.” Originally play on the phrase “Lords of War” the Wardens became a staple group we established in every MMO we played. It seems fitting now City has returned that we continue the legacy of the name.

Meet the Team

Some of the members of Wards of Lore and coalition groups include:


Founder of the Wards of Lore group on Excelsior.

Celestials tasked with working among mortals must be closely watched to ensure they never succumb to mortal temptation. If an angel appears ready to give in to such desires they are carried back to the Celestial Kingdoms by the tolthaphim before any corruption sets in.

In the case of Elenathiel, it was too late. Blue Spectrum was injured and dying. Only a fraction of her celestial grace was needed to restore the hero, and with this done, dozens would also live. Elenathiel would be free to assist the other heroes in pushing back the giant shivan.

The tolthaph arrived as the otherworldly beast was forced back into the pits. Although her actions were benign and came from a place of love and kindness, the tolthaph could see that through saving the mortal what Elenathiel had done was selfish. The other heroes did not require her help . It is what she wanted. Elenathiel was already corrupt and unfit to return to the Celestial Kingdoms.


Fissionette is a homage to the canon character Fusionette.

Fissionette is one of the Nuclear 90; 90 children from around the world all born in one year with an unusual mutation that gives them natural magnetic nuclear reactors for hearts, and the ability to channel energy from their internal reactor for a variety of super powers. Like her cousin, Fusionette, Fissionette has decided to use her powers for the betterment of mankind as a hero. She’s focused on her energy blasts and has recently developed a variety of energy punches.

Pestilence Cootie

One of the greater Cooties of the Apocalypse.

Of the four major Cooties of the Apocalypse, Pestilence is usually the first to arrive. It is said Pestilence rides upon white wings and wields an enchanted bow which spreads disease. This isn’t true. Pestilence Cootie was never a good shot with a bow, and it’s wings are only white when they reflect the light of the sun, which it really tries to avoid. It’s fists turn out to be radioactive though, so that’s good.