Ouroboros Alpha

Ouroboros Alpha is part game lore inspired and part “I really wanna build a floating base!” The concept is Ouroboros needed a backup site. One the Menders could fall back to in case catastrophe struck the main site all heroes and villains can access after a certain level.

Not Your Base

So you know when you go to the base portal, and you can see a list of all the groups in your coalition? You know how the first option is always “Your Base?” The entire point of this group is so anyone coalitioned with it sees a “Not Your Base” option in the Base Entry Selection. That’s it. It works is you can somehow sneak into other group’s coalitions without many of their members knowing and imagining their reactions. As far as group membership, it’s where we end up putting the majority of our joke or just-for-laughs characters.

Cooties of the Apocalypse

The Cooties started when one of us made a “Death Cootie” as a joke and ended up liking him. Another of us rolled up “Pestilence Cootie” and eventually we had “War” and “Famine” as well, at which time we founded this group together. Most of our main group and coalition members ended up making at least one Cootie alt and we’re proud to continue the group on Homecoming.