Character Customization

Star Patrol Uniforms

Members of Star Patrol are required to have at least one costume slot dedicated to an official uniform which is often worn when several members of the group team together. While the guidelines are flexible and allow for quite a bit of customization to make every character’s look unique, some of the core elements may be confusing to players new to the group.

Presented here are six examples of the Star Patrol uniform. Generally, for any given costume, only the legs & chest patterns and chest detail must remain the same (see the Star Patrol Uniform Guidelines for details on how to customize the uniform). Each of these files use the default scales for each body type, and should confirm to an existing characters height and scaling when loading from most tailors.

Costume Installation

Costume files are read from the following directory:


Nuclear 90 – Fusionette

The supergroup Nuclear 90 is composed almost exclusively of characters who parody Fusionette, a well known NPC in City of Heroes. Most of these characters simply mimic her costume and name, so to make the costume part easy here is the costume file for Fusionette. Note the face is not a valid costume piece in Homecoming and would need to be changed.