Commander Bowman

Character Description

Eli Bowman joined Freedom Corps shortly after the first Rikti Invasion. He worked as a hero liaison for a time, then as a trainer in King?s Row. It was then his talent for unarmed combat (and archery skill) were first noticed by his superiors and he was offered a position in Longbow.

Surprisingly, Eli turned down the offer. He expressed a preference to work as one of the heroes of Paragon City, as part of a small unit of sanctioned heroes. He outlined and proposed a plan for a special unit of Freedom Corps which would be composed of heroes with talents and skills not commonly found among the Longbow soldiers. This unit would operate along side other super heroes rather than Freedom Corps agents, with a special emphasis on coordination and cooperation.

After careful consideration, and with the help of four like-minded members of Freedom Corps, Agent Bowman founded The Star Patrol.


Commander Bowman was previously known as Agent Bowman in the previous live game. He was the official founder of Star Patrol, a super group inspired by Longbow, and incorporated a similar uniform and overall aesthetic. The story of Star Patrol and Bowman ended with the shut-down of CoH:F, but has an opportunity to continue with Homecoming.

The story is Star Patrol officially disbanded at the end of 2012, it’s members either retiring, moving on to other projects, or becoming solo heroes. The summer of 2019 saw an uptake in criminal activity as well as numerous new villains emerge from the Rogue Isles. A call to action within Freedom Corps prompted the reinstatement of Star Patrol.

Bowman immediately answered the call, resuming his position as Commander. While many of the original members have moved on, he hopes several will return to help recruit new agents.