Weekly Strike Targets, Aug 12-18

Penelopy Yin and Silver Mantis

Weekly Strike Targets (WSTs) beginning Aug 12, 2019:

Completing the target activity awards an extra amount of Reward Merits in addition to the normal rewards.

Additional rewards may be earned:

  • If the character completing the activity is not Level 50, approximately half a level (could be more or less depending on the average completion time of the activity) of bonus experience is awarded.
  • If the character is level 50 and has unlocked the Incarnate System, they are awarded with a Notice of the Well, used in Rare and Very Rare Alpha Slot boosts.

Note that all of these rewards are only awarded once per week, even if more than one Weekly Strike Target is available to a character; this means that a Vigilante or Rogue cannot gain the Weekly Strike Target rewards more than once by participating in both the Hero and Villain Strike Targets during the weeks where each side has a different target.

Completing a strike target after the first of the week awards progress to Accomplishment Badges. Completions are cumulative, so subsequent strike target completions do not need to be completed within the same week.